Sunday, October 7, 2012

This Little Family went to the Market

I love going to Farmers' markets . . .there's something about outdoor markets  that is charming, quaint and fresh . . . and you just get a certain happy vibe from everything and everyone when you're in this kind of market.

There is a Farmers' market near our place (around 3 miles from us) which is set up every Thursdays (from 8am-1pm).  So our little family decided to go there and just look around.

The Carson Certified Farmers' Market is not as big as the other Farmers' Markets I've been to.  There were only a few booths (around 20 or so) but just the same, it's nice to have something like this where the local community can go for fresh produce and other good finds.

It was nice to see a kababayan (fellow countryman) selling her produce

Sitting in the middle - Sigarilyas!  (Or Winged Beans)

There were different fruits as well (with free taste!) but I only managed to take a photo of the strawberries . . .now, if only Zola's Dad and I are strawberry lovers, we would have bought a pack.

There were other fresh vegetables as well. . . .

Beautiful tomatoes. . . .

Big onions. . . . I mean BIIGGG ONIONS

Not your regular bell peppers. . . they're BEELLL PEPPERS

I know somebody who would love these orchids!  (Right Ninang A?!)

Farmers Markets are also one one of the best places to have a foodie adventure.  There were a few food booths (there were BBQ, Thai, Mexican and even Salvadoran!) and my most favorite stall was the one that sold . . . . Sausages!  (Sorry I was so hungry that I forgot the name!)  It offers a good variety of sausages --- (Bratwurst, Hot links, Italian, Spicy Ones, Smoked, Bacon-wrapped dogs, Polska Kielbasa) . . . so I settled for the one that looked best in the grill, haha!

Can you guess which was mine and hubby's?!!!  

Mine was the bigger one . . . OFCOURSE! Hahaha!  (Told you, I was hungry! heehee ---which I shared with hubby by the way. . . okay I think he had a couple of bites only, haha!)  I got the Kielbasa and he had the bacon-wrapped.

The sausages came with sauteed onions and bell peppers (or without if you prefer it that way). . . and you get to dress them up with different condiments . . . catsup, mustard, spicy mustard, pickle relish and there was even some Sauerkraut!

It won't be a food adventure if we only had the sausages (heehee) so Zola's Dad checked out the booth which sold Mexican food and got some chicken and beef soft tacos (which were okay, nothing great but were tasty enough). 

There was also a booth (Mommie Helen's Bakery) that was selling baked goodies (pies, cookies, cupcakes, cobblers).  It's been said that some of their clients include Oprah, Shaq and Magic.  

Refreshing drinks were also available. . . these containers remind me of home (parang sago't gulaman lang ano? haha!) 

The fresh lemonade had a little vodka in it!  Just kidding!

I forgot to buy some freshly made kettle popcorn, saw some roasted peanuts and I think we ought to try the other sausages. . . .good reasons to go back, haha!

Our little family had a wonderful time at our local Farmers' Market. . . .happy tummies, happy family!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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