Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rockin' Ravioli

We had lunch a few weeks ago at the Nordstrom Café and ordered their Wild Mushroom Ravioli (they had me at roasted wild mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes, haha!)  I wasn't really expecting too much since we were not in an Italian Restaurant . . . but OMG. . . it was heaven on a plate!    The ravioli was bathed in a garlicky white sauce topped with Parmesan cheese.   I even heard some angels singing. . . Haha!  (Note to self: Must go back for this must-eat!)

So I still have this ravioli "hangover" when on a trip to COSTCO, I saw a staff handing out samples of a spinach-mozzarella ravioli!  I am not a fan of frozen prepared food but this actually tasted good!  So I got a bag of this . . .

Just in case the craving kicks in or for those days when we want to eat something fancy but we're too lazy to go out of the house!
I bought a bottle of Alfredo Sauce (the Bertolli brand is actually good) and cooked the ravioli as instructed (bring the water to a soft boil and let the ravioli cook for around 8-10 mins) 

I could have just heated up the sauce but I am Ms. Sauté girl!  So I sautéd some garlic, added the leftover roasted chicken (which we had two nights ago) and for some color, I added some red bell pepper and peas.  I should have used the sun-dried tomatoes sitting in the cupboard. . . . but I completely forgot that we have some!  (Next time. . .) 

After simmering the sauce, and mixing the ravioli with it. . . this was what was waiting for Zola's Dad . . .  


We had this for merienda (snacks) . . . it was so rich and filling that I skipped dinner!

Happy to say, this is another husband-approved recipe! =)

Have a rockin' and rollin' weekend! 

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