Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Taste of Persia

I think I'm going to change this blog from a personal to food blog, haha!  Yes, it's another food post!  

I've blogged about a taste of Japan earlier.  Now, let's go to the Middle East/Mediterranean for some food adventure. . .okay, I'm not really sure how to classify Persian food, haha!  Geography wasn't really my best subject in school.

We caught up with a good friend for lunch last Sunday and she suggested a restaurant which serves authentic Persian cuisine (aka shawarma, the first thing that comes to my mind, haha!).    

The Shamshiri Grill Restaurant is located in Westwood.  It was a good thing that we went there on a Sunday (we were there as soon as their doors opened at 12noon, haha!) because parking can be a problem.  The restaurant doesn't have a parking area, there's only street parking available. 

Let's start the food adventure shall we. . .

They served us complimentary pita bread which came with butter, red onion wedges, raddish and a sprig of mint leaves (which we didn't use, haha!)  We just ate the pita bread as it is (with butter ofcourse!).  The bread was warm and soft, even the Little One liked it.

We didn't order any appetizers because we read that serving portions in this restaurant are big.  Our main entrees came with side salads.  Zola's Dad and our friend R had side salad with house dressing and I got a Shirazi Salad (diced cucumber, tomatoes, parsley and onions with lemon dressing.)  You know you're eating healthy food when you can only taste the vegetables, haha!  I would prefer a little bit more seasoning in my salad.   

Our friend ordered Lamb Shawarma ---- and yes, they do have big portions!

I am not really fond of lamb  (I think I've eaten lamb twice or thrice in my whole life) because of the gamey smell and taste from the meat (especially if it's not prepared well).  But if I have to eat lamb, I'll go to Shamshiri!  The meat is so tender, flavorful and doesn't have that gameyness (is there such a word??)

Zola's Dad wanted the Beef Shawarma with Basmati Rice

My most favorite among what we ordered!  Zola's Dad joked about me eating more  out of his platter than what I ordered! Haha!  The beef was tender, so well-seasoned and you get that grilled taste from it.  The Basmati rice was good too! It was sweet-smelling and tasty.  Even Zola's Dad commented on how good the rice was (and he doesn't do that. . .not over a rice!)   

And I had a Chicken Kabbob wrap

Which looked more like a burrito than a wrap, haha!  All platters came with hummus (one of the better hummus I've ever had) and a garlic sauce.

I love the chunky white chicken meat and crunchy fresh veggies. . . .it was okay.  It would have been perfect . . . if only I ate it with Cafe Med's (my favorite gyro place in Philippines) yoghurt-garlic sauce! 

It is one huge wrap that I'll let you guess what we're having for breakfast today, haha!

It was definitely another happy tummy food adventure. . . stay tuned for the next one =)
Have a nice and adventurous day ahead!

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