Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kitchen Cuties

While in LA, some of the happy places I love going to (besides the grocery, haha!) are TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross.  These stores have a wide range of goods (for Men, Women, Children, Bed and Bath, Home and Kitchen, even Food!) and they carry designer and different brand names at a discounted price. 

How can they offer such good price?  I read from Wikinvest that they buy the excess inventory (usually caused by overruns and canceled orders, off-season items) from these major labels, thus passing on the savings to the consumers.  Woohooo!  And that is why we love going to these stores =)

We went to Marshalls the other day and while Zola's Dad was looking for a wok and an oven-safe pan, I saw these kitchen cuties . . . 

Awwww . . . a cute piggy handle for this microwaveable bacon tray 

A kitchen timer. . . I wonder if it gives off a "moo" sound instead of the usual buzzer sound!  Haha!

A vegetable brush!  I think I'd still prefer using my hands to wash our vegetables, haha!  But Mr. Carrot would make a nice decor in the kitchen though =)

Onions here in the US are so big.  We only use half of it every time we cook so a storage container like this is definitely useful!

An omelet pan. . .I don't know how to make the perfect omelet. . . .I'm not good at it that it ends up as scrambled eggs! Haha! 

If you love eggs, you can have a load of these "Eggy" kitchen tools!

An "eggy" omelet pan, a kitchen timer, egg beater,  a flip spatula and I think there is an egg separator in here too.

These are definitely rockin' cool rubber spatulas! I wonder why they thought of skeletons as a design.  Zola's Dad said it might be for the Halloween!  Haha!  A rocker who cooks would definitely love this set!

What's one thing I like about them?

There is a table of conversion printed at the back of the spatula which makes cooking/ baking more convenient! 

But you know what, I have my own "cuties" that make cooking more fun . . .

My Personal Chef and his Sous Chef . . .doing the prep work for our sinigang

And what was I doing?  Taking photos! Haha!

Nah, I did the dishes! =D

'Til the next post. . .Happy Halloween!

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