Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Repurposing Coffee Filters

I wanted to strain the cooking oil we used (we fried some spring rolls) and reuse it for some other time.  I was looking for a strainer and Zola's Dad told me to just use coffee filter.  Coffee filter?!!  (My thought bubble:  Are you sure? Hehe)  He said he read it from the manual of the deep fryer he bought last year.  And being the good wife that I am (Haha!), I got a filter and started working on the oil.  (My thought bubble:  Would this really work?  Not that I don't believe you dear,   Haha!)  

And after a few minutes. ..


Goodbye unwanted food crumbs. . . .

Lesson for the Day:  The next time we need some kitchen solutions, ask our husbands . . . you'll never know. . . they might surprise us!  Haha!

I love you Hun!

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