Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Hot Seat

One of the challenges the Little One had to face upon arriving in LA. . . was using her car seat!  (We didn't use one when we were in Philippines)  We couldn't leave the parking area at the airport, all because the Little One won't let us put her on the car seat, she was clinging on me (for life), she was crying out loud. . . and so hard that it was really heartbreaking for me to see her that way.  But we have to do what we got to do.  She was still crying when we buckled her up until she fell asleep on our way home. (I'm sure she got tired from all the crying and from the long flight).

It took her just a couple of days to get used to the car seat (and I think she did an excellent job!).  It's true what they say, kids are like sponges.  They learn and absorb everything quickly. 

Happy to say that the Little One is enjoying her car seat and has even learned the importance of using a seat belt.

Have a nice weekend!  

And don't forget to buckle up! =)

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