Friday, November 2, 2012

All Things Baked

What went on in our kitchen today?  If the oven can talk, I think it would say . . . "Enough!"  Haha!

I did some baking today. . . something I don't really do.  I guess because I don't have a mixer, hahaha!   

So I baked a Banana Bread in the morning. . . .

Which was effortless. . .because it came from a box, haha!  Well, save for that one piece of  fresh banana I had to mash to put in the mixture.   The banana bread wasn't moist (the way I want it to be), wish it was sweeter too (lessens the guilt, haha!  I should have thrown in some choco chips!)  BUT it wasn't so bad that we couldn't eat it.  I actually had a few slices already since this morning, haha!  But ofcourse, nothing beats a banana bread which is made from scratch!  (To my good friend D, all I can do is dream about your moist banana muffins and chocolate chip cookies!) 

If baking the banana bread was effortless, the next thing I baked was just the opposite!  We have some left over spaghetti noodles, so I thought of trying a recipe I saw from Pinay in Texas Cooking Corner's blog site.  In the afternoon, I made . .Filipino Baked Spaghetti!  (To describe Filipino Spaghetti in three words, sweet, hotdogs and banana catsup!) 

I wanted to cry seeing how beautiful it turned out, hahaha!  You see, I've always been afraid to make pastas that require layers (like lasagna), they just look intimading (aka lots of work) to me, haha!   But I guess that weakness ended today!

Cheesy goodness . . .Shredded Cheddar, Parmesan

and Mozarellaaa!

Pls. don't burst my bubble. . . please don't count the calories, haha!

For the complete recipe, please click this link.

It was a tirrring day but I'm so happy that it was productive, I learned something new, I conquered my fear of making layered pastas (Lasagna, you're next!), I have a satisfied husband, happy tummies (again). . . and most importantly, somebody washed the dirty dishes (pots and pans included), haha!  Thank you Hun! 

Hope your day went well just like mine! =)

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