Thursday, November 22, 2012

Warm as Toast

We went to COSTCO (love this place!) yesterday and saw something new (at least for somebody like me who comes from a tropical country, haha!) . . . an "electric fan" (well, it looks like one) that doesn't emit cool air but actually radiates heat!  Cool!!!

As explained in COSTCO's website:
The Presto® HeatDish® Plus parabolic electric heater uses a computer-designed parabolic reflector to focus heat, like a satellite dish concentrates TV signals, so it feels three times warmer than 1,500 watt heaters, yet uses a third less energy. Because it warms you directly, you feel the heat almost instantly without first heating the entire room.

Autumn is here and the weather is getting cooler now . . .  but I'm perfectly fine.  I have Zola's Dad and our Little One to keep me warm . . . and toasty =)  

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