Friday, November 16, 2012

Comfort Cravings

I had a sudden craving for dimsum the other day.  If I were in Philippines, I know where to go to satisfy my craving.  In LA, I have to thank Yelp for helping me find a restaurant (a 15 minute drive from the house) in our area which serves good dimsum.  So we went to Sea Empress in Gardena for my dimsum fix.
DIMSUM!!!  I can eat this everyday!

Filipinos are used to dipping their dimsum in a sauce made of calamansi (our local lime), soy sauce and chili garlic oil.  In Sea Empress, they gave us this dipping sauce. . .

Chili and . . . hot mustard!

I know that chili goes well with dimsum but I wasn't sure with the mustard.  But you know what, surprise, surprise, it actually worked for me!  It's like eating your dimsum with wasabi, haha! 

For the Little One, we got her Congee.

I still prefer the Filipino lugaw (our version of Congee). . . because it is more flavorful.  But this is one Congee I can eat because it is tasty enough for me.

And the best deal we got during lunch was ordered by Zola's Dad.  He ordered a Set Lunch (Salt and Pepper Fried Porkchop) which included a cup of rice and soup.  . . which I thought was good for one person since it was a set lunch.  When the order came, we were surprised to see this!

I had to ask Zola's Dad if he was sure that he ordered a set lunch and NOT the standard order, haha!  The portion was good enough for 2-3 persons.  The pork chop was so tender, with a touch of spice and love the garlic bits!  This set lunch was definitely value for money!

It was another food trip that made our tummies happy!
Wherever I am, whatever part of the world I'm in. . .the time zone may change but one thing would remains the same, my comfort food will always be dimsum.

What is your comfort food?

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