Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's Play Time!

We went to Target to get some stuff (just diaper and distilled water) for the Little One.  So we knew what to buy, we know what aisle to get it from (after countless trips!),  it was supposed to be a quick stop.  But we ended up staying for at least an hour I think!  Haha!
All because Zola's Dad and I played Dress Up. . . with the Little One.  The grown ups enjoyed this game for the most part, haha!  

I let her try on this sequined beret (cue Music - Aladdin's A Whole New World - shining, shimmering, splendid, haha!)

Saw some cute  ear muffs too . . .

Zola's Dad put on her this hat . . .
Trivia:  This is called a Trilby hat, a narrow-brimmed fedora (I googled!  Haha!)

I love this tweed hat, which I think is a newsboy cap

Couldn't get enough of the sequined beret, this time, I got a pink one!

I just had to get this one too . . .see the look on her face, she's getting impatient already with Mama and Papa's play time!  Haha!

Trivia:  This type of hat is called an Ushanka, also called shapka, trooper or Trapper's hat.  It is a Russian winter hat with ear flaps.  (Thanks Wikipedia!)

I thought I was done with the hats but I couldn't leave without letting her try on these cute cropped vests!  (Sorry Sweetie. . . )
Rock star-ish??? Haha!

Inspired by Suri's style again, haha!

Photo Source

I think we just found a new way to entertain ourselves, haha!  We just keep on doing it . . . 

I can't wait for our next trip the mall!  Teehee

Have a nice weekend ahead!

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