Sunday, October 28, 2012

One Fruitful Day

One thing I like about doing the groceries in the US is finding produce that are new to me . . .. such as this yellow spiked fruit (or is it a vegetable?)

Meet  Kiwano . . .

Wonder how it looks inside?  

Image from

It is also called the African Horned Melon.  This fruit is native to South Africa but is now also grown in New Zealand and some parts of California.  How does it taste?  WikiHow descrbed it as . . ."When picked green and allowed to ripen, the fruit tastes like a mix of cucumber and kiwi fruit.  When it's picked fully ripe, it has a banana-like taste."  

I also read somewhere that it has a unique citrusy flavor, and another site wrote that it tastes like a mix of lemon and banana.

I guess we can say that this is one dynamic fruit, haha!

And another interesting find, the Pepino Melon . . .

Found this post from a blog wich gives us a good idea about this fruit.
Not a true melon, the Pepino is actually in the nightshade family, which includes tomatoes and eggplants. A native of South America, Pepinos are grown in many countries, including Ecuador and New Zealand. Inside this thin-skinned beauty is a golden-yellow flesh with the texture of a fine, juicy melon and the distinctive aroma of honeydew, pear and vanilla. The Pepino has a subtle, mellow flavor with less-sweet hints of melon and cucumber.

Imagine. . . the aroma of honeydew, pear and vanilla . . . it can be the next scent for Bath and Body! Haha!

It was indeed a fruitful trip to the grocery . . . I wonder what is in store for me on my next trip!

Hope you're all having a great weekend! =)

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