Friday, October 19, 2012

Something in Common

I like taking sleeping shots of Hubby and the Little One. . .especially when they have the same position.  (While writing this post, they are actually sleeping and are in the same position again!)

Like Father, Like Daughter

Zola's Dad has been telling me that the Little One looks like me when she is sleeping.  He  actually took a picture of me and the Little One sleeping together.  And she does look like me!  It would have been perfect to put it in here too (and I would have named this post "The Sleeping Beauties") . . .but it just wasn't a flattering photo, haha!

So i'm putting this one (this is more like it!  Sorry Hun, I get to choose the photos that go in this blog, heehee)

Like Mother, Like Daughter

We're both enjoying sunny California!

What else do we have in common?  (Besides the sunglasses)

During our initial visit to the pediatrician, while reviewing the Little One's growth chart (e.g. height, weight), she said that she is on the "bigger side".  Heehee

Oh well, as they say, like mother, like daughter!

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