Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Taste of Japan

I love Japanese food!  (Well, except the raw stuff)  I had a sudden craving for Tonkatsu Curry  so our little family went to Japan (I wish, haha!). . . a Japanese market!  There is a place called Mitsuwa Marketplace in Torrance where it houses different things that are . . .well. . . Japanese!  It has a supermarket, a bakery, a Shiseido kiosk, books, general merchandise, different food stalls and a food court.  In a nutshell. . . it is a place where you can get a feel and taste of Japan.

Our first stop. . . the food court (ofcourse!  Haha!)  

It wasn't big (there are only around 7-8 food stalls I think) but it has enough choices (at least in my book).

What was for lunch?

Zola's Dad got a Chicken Teriyaki set lunch which was tasty.

I had my Tonkatsu Curry - nothing extra ordinary, the sauce is okay, the meat could be more tender.

And then I saw a long queue of people in a ramen  stall.  It can only mean that they must be serving something good!  Haha!  Something we must try then!  The menu was overwhelming because there is a choice of salt, miso or shio ramen. . . and then if you want it spicy or not, etc.  Glad the cashier was a Filipino!  So I just asked her what was their most popular one.  I wanted to try the miso ramen but she said their salt ramen was the most popular one, so I went with her suggestion.  (She must know her ramen right? Hehe)  

I'm glad I did!

I  love everything about this bowl!  The hot, delicious broth, the al dente noodles, the slivers of pork meat were tender with a thin layer of fat (that you won't feel guilty eating it, haha!)  This ramen noodle just hits the spot!

Oh and I got some Takoyaki balls too! (I'm blaming it on the pregnancy hormones . . .you just want a little bit of everything!  And for the record, Zola's Dad and I shared the ramen and the balls. . . and took some home . . .defensive ano?  haha!)   

These are the most amaaazing takoyaki balls I ever had!  I guess because they were made by a Japanese?  I mean . . . since it's a Japanese snack, a Japanese would know how to do it better, right?  Haha!

I got the regular one drizzled with a brown sauce and mayonnaise but there are other variations in the menu like Takoyaki with cheese, ponzu sauce or kimchi!  (There's a next time. . . heehee )

Looking around the food court, I saw a microwave oven which diners (who bring their own lunch bags --- there is an office crowd during weekdays) can use to warm their food.

Nice idea!

 After a filling lunch, we walked around the supermarket . . . and got these

We couldn't resist the "Buy One, Take One Deal" for the Almond and Macadamia chocolates, haha!

Outside the supermarket, there are also stalls which sell ---

Sushi and other rolls

Mochi - The mochis displayed aren't real . . .but they look good enough to eat!


Different baked pastries -  I wasn't able to take a photo of the goodies since the staff were looking at me!

It was definitely a trip to "Japan" worth going back to. . . and next time I'll have a bowl of that ramen noodle all by myself (i'll make mine spicy). . . and an order of those yummy takoyaki balls.

And what's one more thing I love about Japan?
Photo Source

Ken Watanabe!  Haha!  Loved him in "Memoirs of a Geisha"

Until the next post. . . Sayonara. . . .

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