Monday, October 1, 2012

Missing in Action

I know, I know . . . I've been missing in action!!!     

I meant to put up a post on the day we were leaving for LA but well, as expected, I finished packing the last minute (that's meee, haha!) . . .well okay, I finished "just in time" (After getting 2-3 hours of sleep, I had to wake up to get ready for the airport.)

I wanted to blog about our flight and other things too but I haven't found the time to do so since we arrived in LA last September 2. . . there were just things we had to fix, to organize, errands to run, chores to do . . . I think if I try to find time to blog, I think won't be able to blog at all!  So I'm MAKING time now (and I promise to do so regularly . . . fingers crossed, heehee)

(To my friends T and D, it warms my heart to hear that you miss my blogs, so sweet of you. . .it was what I needed to push me to put up this post. . . this is for both of you)

For this post, I would like to share with you things I was thankful for during our 18-hr trip to LA (including a 3-hour layover at Seoul):

1) The Korean Air ground staff in Manila who extended special assistance (voluntarily) to me and even asked one of their staff to accompany me to the boarding gate.

Here's the story, I asked if there was an elevator which I can use to go to our gate (which was one level down) since the Little One was in a stroller.  And they said that it was only for passengers in wheelchairs! (a big Huh?!)  Not sure if this is an airport policy, or if they were just not sure what to tell me, or that they haven't seen anyone with a stroller using the elevator, haha! 

But I am thankful for the staff's eagerness to help me . . . because I need it!  It's definitely a challenge to use the escalator, carrying the Little One, her stroller and our 20lb diaper bag!  

Our new friend G

2) The nice cleaning lady at the restroom in the airport who didn't mind when I asked for help when I had to change the Little One's diaper.

3) The Korean Air Cabin Crew in both our flights (Manila to Seoul and then to LA) who were friendly and attentive to our needs.

Manila to Seoul flight

4) The passengers who were seated beside us. . . who were all kind, patient and understanding with my curious (and sometimes cranky) toddler

5) A hassle-free interview by the Immigration officer (she looked intimidating!) and Customs officer (No sir, no baluuut and chichawrowwn!)

6) Korean air ground staff in LAX for providing me a porter who helped us with our luggages and brought us to the Arrival area . . . to the waiting hands of Zola's Dad (literally)

7) My Little One - for being such a trooper!  It was her first plane ride (a long one at that!) and it must not have been easy for her but she was fairly manageable during the entire trip.

A tired Little One - upon arrival at LAX

It was a really good (and tiring) trip, not an easy one . . .not sure how we did it, but we made it!  It wasn't easy for somebody who's  pregnant and travelling with a toddler.  But if there's one thing that I cherish is the bond that the Little One and I shared in this memorable trip. 

Here's to more family adventures in LA . . . will keep you posted =)

Hope you had a good weekend everyone!

As for our family, since Zola's Dad works on the weekends, we are just starting ours today! 


lalaineann said...

Thanks for the Korean Air feedback. Glad that the little girl enjoyed the flight. We will be riding KAL next month to New York.

Looks like you are having a grand time! Enjoy more.

zolasmom said...

Halu Lala girl! =) Thanks for reading the blog! I didn't know you hate flying pala! Hope KAL makes it easier for you in your coming trip to NY!!! Kasama ba Little One mo? Sarap namannn!! Goodluck in your new endeavor! =) Looking forward to your blog posts! =)

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