Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sewing 101

My mom loves, loves  sewing!  She likes making pillow covers, she even made a shoe bag for the Little One, she can alter clothes. . . she just loves doing needlework.  If we have damaged clothes that need some mending, we all go to Mom!  

I am completely her opposite.  When I was in grade school, Sewing was my least favorite Home Economics class!    

This is one of the Little One's tops, a personal favorite of mine (love the floral appliques).  Unfortunately, when we washed it in the washing machine, two of the flowers fell off.

So I told Zola's Dad to buy me a sewing kit so I can put them back (yeah right!) but stitching isn't really for me so that didn't work out (I really tried!).  So as a simple (and quick!) solution. . . I thought of using safety pins  (Ohh myyy)

 and Voila!

Not bad right?! =)

BUT Zola's Dad got so scared of the pins, haha!  He won't let the Little One wear this top . . . 

Oh well, I can't blame him (teehee) . . .Guess I just have to practice my sewing skills more . . . OR I can just buy her a new top!  Haha!  (Just kidding!!!)

*Sigh* . . .I miss my Mom! 

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