Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gotta Love Yoghurt

One of the things that the Little One's pediatrician told us is about developing good eating habits for her (I'm not the best teacher on this one, haha!). . . .stay away from juice (high sugar contents), wheat cereals, vegetable bites and cottage cheese make a good snack. . . I'm glad there's one healthy thing she loves eating. . . yoghurt.  . .must be strawberry (can be regular or light) . . .preferred brand, Yoplait.

Look who's hungry. . .  .

She helped herself . . . this kid won't get hungry, haha!

She eats yoghurt with fresh fruits for breakfast. . . actually she eats it anytime of the day. 
Her thought bubble: Yoghurt again *sigh*
She's eating it everyday, I hope she won't get tired of it!

I guess not!
Happy Tummy, Happy Baby!

Maybe her love for yoghurt will rub off on me, haha!

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