Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One Bright Ouchie Day

The Little One doesn't know what's in store for her today. . . she must be probably thinking it's another trip to the mall or somewhere fun since it's her dad's day-off!

I was about to wear my sunglasses when she asked them from me!  Haha!

What she doesn't know. . . .we are going to see her pediatrician today.  Uh-oh! 
She is scheduled to have vaccines today (not one. . . but three!  Awww, my poor sweetie)

While waiting for our turn in the clinic, she played with these wooden toys.

And when she stood up . . .

I noticed how her dress was coordinated with the chairs!  Haha!

The colors reminded me of Rainbow Brite (a popular cartoon from the 80s, adooored by young girls!
Photo Source

After the Little One got her shots, goes without saying that her mood wasn't as colorful as her dress or Rainbow Brite!

Wishing everyone a colorful day ahead!!!

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