Monday, October 15, 2012

A Big Breakfast

I love our Sunday brunches!  It's just a nice way to start our weekend (Zola's Dad works Saturday nights).  Also, it's one of the rare times that Zola's Dad and I get to eat together and have a good conversation (not that we don't have any during the week).  I meant . . . us, having a conversation where we don't have to stop short to run after the Little One. . . because she usually falls asleep during brunch (it's her morning nap time), haha!

This morning, we went to Cheesecake Factory because I was craving for their herb-crusted salmon.  For the Little One (who woke up just when we got seated at our table), we ordered pancakes since it's one of the few breakfast things she eats!

And this was the "kid's meal" she got. . . .

3 pcs of pancake (with a buttery and caramel-y syrup), 2 strips of bacon, fresh fruits and a glass of milk!

We shouldn't have ordered our mains (or we should have ordered one main instead of two)!  Haha!
Zola's Dad ate the bacon, I had the fresh fruits and we shared a pancake (had to make some room for our mains). . . the rest we took home for the Little One (I'm going to give her yogurt some rest, heehee)

But the best breakfast I had this week. . . .

My "Breakfast in Bed"

A big serving of love, sweetness and sunshine . . . and this is definitely something I would love to have everyday! =)

Hope you had a great weekend!

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