Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Food Should Taste Good!

I love chips!  All kinds. . .Potato, corn, tortilla chips. . . Sadly, I have to stay away from them (thanks to my high normal blood pressure. . . a big NO, NO for a pregnant woman).  However, I can't seem to totally give it up! (sorry Mom). . . I miss munching on them. . .I know, I can munch on vegetable sticks (blah). . . but I miss the crrruunch . . . the kind which comes from these high sodium snacks! Haha!

So I was looking for something healthy (aka less sinful) to satisfy my cravings and saw this at the grocery. . .
Food Should Taste Good Multigrain
Photo Source

So how can something that is gluten and cholesterol free, with no trans fat and  made with flax, sunflower, sesame seeds, quinoa, soy and brown rice be baaadd, right??!!!  Heehee

And whoever thought of the brand name. . . .genius!  Such a cool name for healthy munchies!

My best bet for the dip that would go well with these chips. . . something creamy like guacamole, hummus (as they suggested) or a spinach and artichoke dip!  These dips that aren't sinful at all. . . . because they are made of vegetables! *wink*   

These tortilla chips sure live up to their brand's name . . . love the name, love the taste!     

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