Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Taco Night (Take 2!)

The last time I made tacos was over a year ago and actually blogged about it here.  Since I still have a bottle of taco sauce, I thought of putting it to good use and had tacos for dinner the other night.

I am blogging about it again because I have a better picture of my tacos! Hahaha!

My first Tacos!
These look better right?! =)  

This time, since I didn't find any Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix in the grocery, I got the McCormick brand.  I actually like it because I find it less salty compared to Old El Paso.  By the way, I saw two types of McCormick Taco Mix in the grocery, one made in the US, the other made locally.  I tried the one made in the US because I thought it might have a richer flavor.  I will probably try the locally made McCormick next time to see if they taste the same.    

Another fave ingredient of mine (a staple!) which I adds a layer of flavor to the tacos. . .
Image from www.grocery.thepig.net

I really think this sauce makes a difference!

And one thing I'm most happy about this time is we found THE taco shells!  Haha!  We used hard taco shells before but we prefer (and love!) the taco shells of the Bambi brand.  They are thinner and crispier.  (I hope you can see the difference in the pictures above.)

*Sigh* Blogging about the tacos at 3AM is not a good idea. . . it's making me hungry!  Haha!  Guess I'll just sleep over it and later in the day. . . it's time to do THIS . . .

Have a nice day ahead! =)


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