Monday, May 20, 2013

Love in Gift Giving

I take gift giving seriously. . . I really do!  Because it gives me a warm feeling when I know that I made someone happy because they had a good laugh or was jumping for joy when they opened the gift.  Gifts don't have to be expensive, they just have to be well thought-out.  And to me, that is where the magic of gift giving is . . .you let the person know that they are important to you and you let them feel that they are loved.

I know that the hardest part in gift giving is choosing a gift.  It helps a lot if you know the person's lifestyle, likes/dislikes or what they need!  You know what also works?  (Well, this one depends on how close and comfortable you are with the person.)  You can just ask outright what gift they want!  Haha!  Me and my really, really good friends (friends for life type of closeness!) have been doing this for quite some time.  What good does it do?  For the giver, less headaches, haha!  For the receiver, you receive something that you really like!  (To my friends for life who are reading this blog. . . I think I need a new . . . hahaha!)  

And then there's one more tip I learned from a friend.  She told me that she gives gifts that the receiver won't buy for himself/herself.  This actually makes sense!  Can you imagine receiving something that you really want but you won't buy for yourself for some reason?!  Pure joy!!!

So last Mother's Day, I don't know what else to give my Mom (she has everything!  She has more than enough shoes, bags, clothes, etc) . . . I got her a good supply of

MAGNUM Ice cream bars!
(This is what's left of it!)

Since she won't buy any ice cream EVERRRR (or any junk food for that matter) to be eaten at home (because read: we must all diet!), it's nice to see her munching down her fave ice cream bar . . .  any time of the day (while watching TV or after a meal) . . . everyday! =)

Goes without saying. . . her days have been refreshingly sweet!

When her supply runs out. . . I can go and get her some more!  Her ice cream bars. . . and my favorite coffee ice cream!  Heehee

I love you Mom!

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