Friday, May 17, 2013

Little Miss Independent

After Little Miss Shopaholic, here comes . . .

Little Miss Independent!

One day, I was feeding Bunso when suddenly our dear Ate . . .

opened her milk dispenser

and grabbed her bottle!  Haha!

She usually tells me when she wants milk but I guess she saw that my hands were full and thought of doing it herself.  This kid will not go hungry!  Haha!  

My heart went out to her. . . she's not even two, but I think she tries to do her part in helping me adjust with  having a second baby.  She never demanded time and attention from me . . .well not in a bratty way.  There are times she wants some but she was never difficult to deal with. . . she sort of "grew up" (in my eyes) when Bunso came home.                

Ate enjoying her milk (after I made her bottle)

 My dear Ate, I am so proud of how independent you have become.  I know that you understand in your own little way that I am spending more time taking care of your little brother because he is still a baby.  Thank you for always understanding when Mama is busy, when Mama has to put you down so I can carry your brother.  I miss sleeping beside you.  The next time I do, it will be more warm and comfortable because your brother (and hopefully your Papa too!) will join us too. . . and that means there are more hugs and kisses to go around!  I love you Sweetheart. =)

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Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice said...

Awwwww!!! <3 Ates are really the best. They are so patient & understanding. So giving! My own ate is the same way to her siblings. Cheers for the ates of the world!

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