Friday, May 31, 2013

Time Check!

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I saw this by chance in a Mommy blog and thought this is a nice reminder  . . .

I know it sounds cliche but . . . Time does fly so fast . . . especially when it comes to children.  They just seem to grow too fast!

Let's make each day an opportunity to create great memories.  Great memories can come from even the simple things that parents do.  One of the things I remember from my Childhood is my Mom giving me a goodnight kiss on my forehead when she came home late one night.  Actually, she thought I was sleeping.  But I still remember that moment and yes, it still gives me a warm feeling.

My precious little ones, Papa and I promise that you will have a trove of wonderful memories that you can go back to even when you are old enough to live your own lives. 

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams everyone. . . .

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