Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sweet Facts

Facts ---

I have a sweet tooth. . . I love desserts!  I always make room for it, haha!

I prefer cakes and pastries over ice cream.  I can't tell you which is a fave because I just love cakes.  Period.     Well, okaayyy, to name a few . . .Chocolate cake, Carrot Cake and Red Velvet. Oh and I love Blueberry Cheesecake!

But I would pick ice cream over Halo-Halo --- a Filipino dessert that consists of shaved ice and a whole lot of colorful ingredients like sweetened fruits and beans (to name a few) that are then mixed together ("Halo" means mix in English) with evaporated milk.

I like Chocolates. . .I don't like plain Milk Chocolates, I want them with Roasted Almonds or with Fruits and Nuts.  But I like my Dark Chocolates plain.  I don't like Chocolates with Mint, Coconut or any fruit!  I'm not a fan of White Chocolate.  I only eat White Chocolate IF it's a Hershey's Cookies and Cream bar, haha!  

Here's a fact about chocolate:

The smell of Chocolate increases theta brain waves, which trigger RELAXATION!

So, yes, I can say I am having a relaxing weekend!

Hope you are too!  Have a Chocolate-y weekend!

Another fact:  I actually prefer these cake balls from Lailen's Pastries (a local bakeshop) over Krispy Kreme's Truffle Cream which I blogged about here.

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