Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wrapsody goodness!

I'm so excited to share with you a new food find that is soooo good. . . and proudly made in the Philippines!

A cousin who came from Bicol gave us a box of these wonderful pili-nut filled pastries called Wrapsody.  

Each box contains 12 individually wrapped goodies

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways . . .haha!  Okay, in a nutshell, for me, Wrapsody reminds me of the Mediterranean's Baklava.  I actually like it better (and no, I am not biased!)  I really enjoyed eating it more . . . or probably I haven't tried a really good Baklava, haha!

It is a pastry made with chopped pili nuts and caramel syrup wrapped in a buttery phyllo dough.  It's sweet, nutty and chewy . . . it was love at first bite! (and in the following bites!) 

They're soooo addicting that I have to stop myself . . . because my Mom taught me to share!  Hahaha!

So if you're going to the Bicol region and are thinking of what to give as pasalubong (it means gift). . .I highly recommend this local treat. 

But I do hope we don't have to go to Bicol just to have a taste of this yummy goodness!  I wonder if it's available somewhere nearer.

Oh well. . . the joys and pains of being in love. . . 

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Erika Perena said...

Hello. My name is Erika, and I am the Associate Marketing Manager of C.O.P Pili Sweets and Pastries, the makers of Wrapsody here in Bicol. We appreciate your blog and we're grateful that you like our products.

Actually,it's already available in Manila at SM Supermarkets in Aura,Makati and Megamall.

If you don't mind, we'll be sharing your blog's link at our facebook account. You could also search for more info about our trad fairs and products at Wrapsody Pilinut- Filled Pastries. Thank you very much!

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