Thursday, May 2, 2013

Handle With Care

One of the Christmas gifts I've received from Santa Claus was a Walking doll.  It had a long, straight, brown hair, creamy skin and pink lips.  She was wearing a teal, shift dress and red shoes.  I played with it A LOT!  I cut her hair, wrote on her and more than a few times, dismantled her. . . an eye fell out,  arms, legs and the upper body torn apart. . . my poor Walking Doll!

I remembered my doll (I don't remember giving her a name) when I saw this. . . Little Miss' own Walking Doll.

Keeping this in mind . . . 

Should I be scaaarreed???!!!

Just Kidding!  Haha!

Little Miss actually wanted to do a "High Five" with her baby brother.  And just to be clear, no minors were harmed when these photos were taken. =)

Have a great day!  

*High Five!*

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