Friday, May 31, 2013

Another dose of Laughter

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We usually have family dinners (us and my Mom's side of the family) every week.  I love family dinners because besides having an excuse to eat (heehee), it's nice to just catch up with everyone.

My sister-in-law (SIL) shared a story about Iya, our precocious 6-yr old niece.  Just like any kid these days, Iya is smart.  Well okay, she is an adult trapped in a body of a 6-yr old!  Haha!

Before I proceed, just want to give you one fact because this fits in the story I'm about to tell you.  Her Mom is an OB-GYN doctor so at a young age, she has been exposed to her mother's profession and clearly understands what it's all about.

One day, she was bitten by ants in their garden.  But since she is sort of sensitive (or allergic?) to ant bites, her foot got swollen that she can't walk properly and was crying over it.  

SIL:  Umiiyak ka sa ganyan lang, eh paano pa kung manganganak ka ng Normal delivery?

Iya (crying):  Hu-hu-hu . . . e di Caesarean na lang.

Hahaha!  (Yes, she really knows the difference between the two)

In the same dinner, a cousin of mine (let's call her Rianna) brought her boyfriend and introduced him to the family for the first time. 

Iya asked her Mom two things:

"Mama, Boyfriend ni Tita Rianna iyan?"

and the most important question of all . . .

"Alam ba ni Lola Z iyan?" (Lola Z is Rianna's mom)

Haha!  The kid has a point! 

So to my Sister-In-Law, never fear, at least you know that Iya would tell you such when her time comes!  (Let's see about that!  Heehee)

Last week, after spending a few days of vacation with her cousins (from my SIlL's side) . . .she told her parents that she likes an I-pad. . .  para makapag-Twitter daw siya with her cousins!

And I don't even use Twitter!  Haha!

I hope your day went well =)

Wishing everyone a good weekend. . . .full of hearty laughs!

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