Monday, May 20, 2013

The Tale of the Yellow Tape

I went to the grocery yesterday and after the machine printed out my bill, it printed a stub which said I have a prize to claim. . . I guess I am one "lucky" shopper then!  So I went to the booth to claim the "prize" and this is what I "won". . . . 

So I put it in one of the grocery bags and forgot about it.

This morning, Ate F (she has been with the family for almost 50 years!  She has become a member of the family) told me a funny story.  

F, our house angel (we are blessed to have good people working in our home) was clearing the groceries and saw the measuring tapes (Oooh, I forgot to tell you, I got 2!).  She asked Ate F why I had to buy them (she assumed I did since she found them in the grocery bag).  Then she answered her own question and said. . . . "ah, baka mag-diet na si Ate Ana" (Ate Ana might go on a diet already)


But when I was about to have breakfast, she asked me if I want to eat rice!   

And I told her . . . Nah, I will just have toasted bread. . . .and corned beef!  Haha!

Have a nice day ahead! =)

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