Friday, May 24, 2013


How can something so heartwarming  . . . be heartbreaking too?

I had (and still have) my share of this irony . . .

She was looking at the back of the monitor to see if her Papa was there *heart melts*

Hubby has been living in the US for five years now.  If you're wondering how this arrangement goes, well, we take turns visiting each other.  Actually, the Little Miss and I just visited him last year and stayed for 5 months.  It is a difficult arrangement to live with but it is good enough.  At least we get to see each other for a few months in a year.    

But still, it sucks!  Haha!  

I want him to enjoy our precious little ones.  I wish Hubby is here to see how our little girl gets naughtier each day, how she would ask for a kiss but then runs away from you!  I wish he is here to see her dance along with any kind of music, and I wish he can cook his Adobo and Ginisang sayote for her (she loves his cooking) again.    

I wish he is here so he can hold our baby boy for the first time.  I wish he is here so he can see our little big boy get . . . well, bigger each day, haha!  And for him to enjoy all the cooing and smiling he does.   

I wish he is here so we can do family stuff . . . and have more family pictures!  

I just wish we can all be together, in the same house, in the same time zone. . . and enjoy every waking moment together!

But I will take whatever I can get because I know we will all be together soooonnn! =)  (Hopefully before the year ends)

We miss you Papa!!!  Virtual hugs and kisses from us!


Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice said...

i feel for you. Here's a great big hug, ana. >:-*< Things WILL get better. i believe in happy ever after & I know you'll have one too! :)

Ana said...

Hi Mommy Jane! Thank you very much for your warm and loving thoughts! Hugging you back! =)

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