Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Running High

My emotions are!  And no, this is not Postpartum (which I've blogged here) . . .

I know I haven't blogged and I should be blogging about something light and happy and "motherly" since it was just Mother's Day last Sunday.

But I didn't have a good day today.  I feel sad and hurt, I feel like crying. . . I feel bleh!  I wish Hubby is here to give me a hug which I badly need right now.  I wish he is here to calm me (his mere presence does) and to talk some sense into me (he's good at that!)

But it's okay. . . our precious ones are here.

I see them and I'm starting to feel better.  I'm starting to calm down.

I think of Hubby, I have these two little angels. . . I have all of them in my life.  They are all that matters.

Hope your day was better than mine. . .

As they say, "Tomorrow is another day."  

And I say it's going to be a better day!

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