Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baby Blues

It's been almost three weeks since I brought Little J home.

And I have something to share with you . . .this was ME . . .

Image from

When I got home from the hospital!
(Okay, I was actually thinking of putting an image of a HEADLESS  chicken, haha!)

I was happy and excited to be back home and enjoy Little J with the whole family.  I was also looking forward to being with the Little Miss again! (whom I missed dearly)

But the first night back home proved to be. . .challenging.  (Ok, stressful!  Haha!)  It wasn't easy.  I was still physically tired, there's the need to breastfeed and the million things I have to do (at least in my mind, haha!) for the kids.  Little J was still adjusting to his new surroundings that he doesn't want to be put down (yes, it was a rough night!).  One of the hardest things I have to deal with was the guilt I feel when I look at our Little Miss.  It breaks my heart that when she runs to Mama and asks to be carried, I couldn't.  Yet she sees me carrying her little brother.  But I think she understands when I explain to her that Mama couldn't carry her because she still has an "ouch-ouch" in her tummy.      

And so the next day, I found myself crying for the most part of the day.  Sometimes, I would just be sitting down and the tears would just roll! It didn't help that the person I would like to be with and who always make me feel better is thousands of miles away (miss you Huney!).

I was just really tired, I was overwhelmed.     

This must be Postpartum!  (I didn't get any during my first pregnancy.)  I prefer to call it "baby blues" though, haha!  It's just that Postpartum sounds dreadful.

I read from Babycenter that during Postpartum:
You may also feel exhausted, unable to sleep, trapped, or anxious. Your appetite may increase or decrease, or you might feel irritable, nervous, worried about being a good mother, or afraid that being a mother will never feel better than it does right now. Rest assured: All these feelings — known as the "baby blues" or "postpartum blues" — are normal during the first couple of weeks after childbirth. In fact, up to 80 percent of new moms experience them.
Yes, I belong to the 80%!

I was in that sappy mood for just a couple of days.  You know what helped?  A good bath and a Big Mac with an ice-cold Coke Zero!  Hahaha!

This is me now. . .

Photo: Baby, it's just you and me (because no one is here to take our picture, haha!)

I'm feeling much better, I'm getting my groove. . . Thanks to a loving husband, a supportive family and thoughtful friends.

So goodbye baby blues. . . Hello happy Mommy =)

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