Monday, April 1, 2013

My Feel Good Stuff

Just like our Little Miss' delivery, I gave birth to Little J by C-Section too.  I'm sure that anyone who will go under the knife would have his/her fears.  I think I was more scared this time around (compared to my first delivery) since I have an idea of how the procedure is going to be. . . what will happen, when it's going to happen. . . and having a mental image of those things didn't help at all!  Haha!

I stayed in the hospital for three days.  Besides the love and utmost concern from my dear Hubby (who may be thousands of miles away but managed to make his presence felt), my family and friends and the excellent care provided by the hospital staff, there are some things which made my stay at the hospital more bearable.

Colorful PJs!   All I can say is, colors just make everything brighter!      

Big THANK YOU to my  little sis for my PJs =)

Make-up - I remember a funny conversation I had with R, a dear friend.  We were talking about how to get that "natural, barely there" make-up look when our guy friend just jumped in and said, "If you want that kind of look, just don't put any make-up at all!"  He can't understand why women buy make up that would make them look not made up, haha!  (Mennnn!  Though come to think of it, he has a point, noh?) 

I am not big on make-up but I have enough stuff in my kit to give me a little color here and there.  After a couple of days of just lying down in the hospital bed, not being able to take a bath, I just want to look good and feel good about myself.  I know I should . . . because I am one happy mom!    

Blusher from Face Shop, Lip gloss from Etude House,
Burt's Bees Lip Balm and GAP Dream Cologne

My caffeine fix - This was probably one of the best tasting coffee I ever had (that is if you didn't have one for 9 months!  Haha!) It didn't matter that it came from a vendo machine, I just want my coffee!!!  It is probably one of the things I'll miss from the hospital, heehee . . .But in all fairness to Nescafe, their coffee actually tasted good and the vendo machine came with a lot of drink choices (you can even adjust the amount of sugar in your coffee)

Cappuccino "ala Vendo" - My 1st cup after a loooong time!

These may be just simple things but they did make me feel better while I was at the hospital. . . these AND a good dose of Epidural!  Haha!

Have a good week ahead!  

Hope you get to do something everyday to make you feel good =)

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