Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quick and Easy Bulgogi

One of our favorite Korean dishes is Bulgogi because of its barbecue taste.  Bulgogi literally means "fire meat" in Korean.  I haven't eaten Korean food for quite some time so when I saw this bottle at the supermarket, I was thinking of getting it.  Just "thinking". . . because the problem with ready-made sauces is it can be a hit or miss.  But reading the bottle's label, the manufacturer (CJ Brand) claimed that this is the No. 1 Bulgogi sauce in Korea from 2005 to 2010.  And that was enough to convince me to try it, haha!  I got one, crossing my fingers, hoping that this is going to be more of a hit!  

It also says that it has Korean Pear and Apple which creates a natural sweetness and fruity flavor.  When I googled for Bulgogi marinade recipes, most of them actually call for some puree or juice from apples or Korean Pears.  I guess this marinade sauce is close to the real deal then.  (If you want a basic Bulgogi marinade recipe from scratch, please click here ) 

For this easy peasy recipe, you just need the following:
- Bulgogi Marinade
- Chicken Breast (or your preferred meat) - sliced thinly
- Yellow onion, chopped
- Onion leeks, chopped

I'm sorry I don't have measurements, I just eyeballed the amount of marinade to be used for the meat.  I suggest you go easy on the sauce since it's salty.  You can always adjust the taste when you cook.

Cooking Instructions:
Just marinade the chicken with the sauce and chopped onions

Mix everything and  let it sit overnight

You can grill, stir-fry or broil your meat.  I chose to stir-fry it.  To add some color and some more flavor, I added some chopped onion leeks.

Serve with steaming hot rice. . . and a SMILE! =)

This Bulgogi (from a bottle!) was a success!  I'll definitely make this again.  Next time, I'm thinking of adding mushrooms or bell peppers and probably a drizzle of sesame oil =)

Happy Cooking!

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