Friday, April 26, 2013

My "Learning Book"

The other day, the Little Miss saw these in my room, took one and said "Boook".  (I guess because just like her books, they are colorful, big and with letters)

I know this "book" is different from her books but she can learn a thing or two from mine.  Look, my "book" also has

Numbers . . .

Animals . . .

Shapes . . .

and Colors!

It can teach her some parts of the body like
The eyes and lips (loving this shade by the way, haha!)

and fingers!  (Cool Manicure!)

There is also something about Nature
There's the sky, the clouds, the sea and a tree

Oh and beautiful flowers too!  (the kind that grows in the head, haha!)

One of these days, I'll teach her about patterns . . .
like Plaids

Polka dots and Stripes!  Haha!

Seriously, I can't remember what was the last book (a real book!) I read.  I think it's time to visit a bookstore.   

What's on your reading list?

Happy Weekend everyone!

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