Friday, April 5, 2013

Pink O' Plenty

Hubby's (Big J ) wardrobe consists mostly of blacks, blues, grays and whites.  There was one time that I saw a cute pink polo shirt and told him to get it so he can put some color in his wardrobe.  He sort of gave me that look . . . "me?  in pink???"  And I told him that real men wear pink!  Haha!  While pink may be considered a feminine color,  when a man wears pink, he just exudes some air of confidence.  (Say Aye if you agree!)

Just look at Mr. Beckham!
Photo from

So to develop Little J's confidence, I let him use some pink stuff which were his sister's . . . just kidding!  Kidding on the developing his confidence part, but I wasn't kidding when I said he was using some pink stuff.  Since we already have some baby stuff plus some hand me downs from his cousins, I really didn't buy much for Little J.  I bought him a few essentials and the practical mom in me says that we can manage with what we already have.  

Yes, he has a few pink stuff. . .   
Care Bears pillow cases . . . which were lovingly made by Grandma
for our Little Miss

A pink (and floral at that!) blankie ---I know it's too. . . girly, haha!
But it's one of the most comfortable blankies ever! 

Pink bottles. . . but hey, his milk dispenser is bluueee!  Heehee

But as much as I'm okay with him using pink stuff. . . I won't ever let him use these!!!

This is where I draw the line!

Agree?  Haha!

Have a nice weekend with your loved ones! =)

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