Thursday, April 25, 2013

Finding Joy . . .in Food!

I've blogged in an earlier post about "Finding joy in the ordinary" everyday. . . do you know what joy I found today?

Eating this . . .

*Kare-Kare - One of may favorite Filipino food.  It is a stew made with peanut sauce and can be considered a "complete meal" since it has meat and vegetables in it.  

with THIS . . .

BAGOONG!!!! (Shrimp paste)

The last time I had Kare-Kare was when I was pregnant.  Being hypertensive, I was put on a low salt diet, which means no bagoong for me!  Can you imagine eating Kare-Kare without Bagoong?!!!  Unthinkable!  Pure torture!!!  (If you're a Filipino, you would understand my pain, hahaha!)

I know it sounds trivial, but I am full of joy because FINALLY . . .  I ate Kare-Kare the way I want to, the way it is supposed to be eaten. . . with bagoong!  Haha!

Happy Tummy, Happy Mommy!

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