Wednesday, April 3, 2013


As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I miss having my coffee while I was pregnant.  Now that I've given birth, I can just relax and have all the caffeine (missed my Diet Coke too!) I want . . . well, except that I'm breastfeeding/expressing milk for Little J.  I read from Babycenter that when a mom consumes caffeine, a small percentage of it ends up in the breast milk.  A nursing mom can still enjoy her coffee as long as it is within the moderate amount (no more than 300 milligrams per day).  I'm glad the article came with a table which indicates the amount of caffeine in common foods and beverages.        

coffee, generic brewed8 oz95-200 mg
coffee, Starbucks brewed16 oz (grande)330 mg
coffee, Dunkin' Donuts brewed16 oz211 mg
caffé latte, misto, or cappuccino, Starbucks16 oz (grande)150 mg
caffé latte, misto, or cappuccino, Starbucks12 oz (tall)75 mg
espresso, Starbucks1 oz (1 shot )75 mg
espresso, generic1 oz (1 shot)64 mg
coffee, generic instant1 tsp granules31 mg
coffee, generic decaffeinated8 oz2 mg

black tea, brewed8 oz47 mg
green tea, brewed8 oz25 mg
black tea, decaffeinated8 oz2 mg
Starbucks Tazo Chai Tea latte16 oz (grande)95 mg
instant tea, unsweetened1 tsp powder26 mg
Snapple16 oz42 mg
Lipton Brisk iced tea12 oz5 mg

Soft drinksAmountCaffeine
Coke12 oz35 mg
Diet Coke12 oz47 mg
Pepsi12 oz38 mg
Diet Pepsi12 oz36 mg
Jolt Cola12 oz72 mg
Mountain Dew12 oz54 mg
7-Up12 oz0 mg
Sierra Mist12 oz0 mg
Sprite12 oz0 mg

Energy drinksAmountCaffeine
Red Bull8.3 oz77 mg
SoBe Essential Energy, berry or orange8 oz48 mg
5-Hour Energy2 oz138 mg

dark chocolate (70-85% cacao solids)1 oz23 mg
milk chocolate1.55-oz9 mg
coffee ice cream or frozen yogurt8 oz2 mg
hot cocoa8 oz8-12 mg
chocolate chips, semisweet4 oz53 mg
chocolate milk8 oz5-8 mg

So I guess I'm staying away from brewed coffee and settle for instant, drink all the 7-Up and Sprite that I want and indulge on the coffee ice cream that is sitting in the freezer right now!  Haha!  

Started my morning with one of my favorite drinks . . .

Best when CHILLED! 

It's definitely a caffeinated day for me! =)

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