Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our First Princess

Iya, my 6- year old niece, is the first grandchild in my side of the family.  I have blogged about some Iya stories before which included our "chubby" conversation and about love and sharing =).  She even gave me some travel tips for toddlers before the Little One and I left for LA last September.  

She is growing up to be such a smart and sweet little girl who loves her parents SO MUCH!  How much?!

So much that one day, she told her parents that she won't get married so they can all be together FOREVER!  (Okay, i'm giving her a few more years and we'll see about that, haha!)

She is also a responsible achi (it means "oldest sister" in Hokkien) to her siblings.  Knowing that her younger brother has stopped drinking milk, this is what she had to say:

"Shoti, dapat drink ka ng milk para di ka mamatay ng maaga."
(Shoti, you should drink milk so you won't die early.)  

She took up a number of classes (like dancing and piano) that she has developed a certain level of  confidence.   When a boy classmate told her "you're a little bit fat". . . she just shrugged it off and didn't mind at all.  (And I told her that she isn't fat at all!)   

Last Valentine's Day, she made a card for her parents . . .

Dear Mom and Dad,  I love you so mush and I will shere my money to you
and Happy Valentines Day!  Love Iya

Yes, she has also learned that Sharing is Caring!  (I hope she shares her money with everyone in our family!  Haha!)

Thank you Iya for making us laugh and for sharing with us your wisdom and learnings.  =)

'Til the next Iya story . . . 

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