Thursday, February 21, 2013

In English Please . . .

A couple of years ago, I went to my niece's school to watch her  Pre-Kinder class recital.

One part of the program calls for the teacher to ask the class what sounds do certain animals make.  So while watching the kids, I was answering as well.  (more of mumbling actually)

Teacher: How does a cow sound?

Class and Me: Moo. . .moo. . .moo

Teacher: How about a cat?

Class and Me: Meow. . meow . . meow

Teacher: What about a dog?

Class and Me:  Arf. . .arf. . .arf

Teacher: How does a frog sound?

(Ofcourse I got this!)

Me: Kokak. .  . kokak. . . kokak

Class: Ribbit. . ribbit. . .ribbit

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Toinks!!!  *Embarrassed* . . . how can I forget my Sesame Street!

But hey, I'm not completely wrong . . . "Kokak" is also a sound that a frog makes. . . in the Filipino language!  Heehee

Well, at least I got the dog right. . .I didn't say "Aw-aw"!  Haha!

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