Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jailhouse Rock

We went out for a family dinner earlier this evening.  I just finished dressing up the Little One when my dad, her lolo (grandfather), saw what she was wearing:

Lolo: Wala ba siyang black leggings?
Me: Meron (I sort of know where this conversation is heading)
Lolo: Eh yung dark blue na skinny jeans?  (Oh yes, he may be in his early 70s but he knows what skinny jeans are!  Haha! )
Me: Meron din, kaya lang hindi pa niya nasusuot itong leggings na ito eh.

(I know there's something coming!)

Lolo:  Ahhh. . .   Kasi parang taga-Alcatraz siya dyan eh.

Guess this is what he had in mind. . .

Photo from:

Sorry Dad. . . it may be "Alcatraz" for you  . . . but it's fashion for me!  Haha!

Goodnight everyone, hope your day went well =)

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