Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Almost there . . .

Three more weeks to go before we see our Little Man!  Just like any expecting moms, there are stuff to prepare before the big day comes. . . I've done some of the things I have to do---check things needed for the Baby and the Nursery and I still have some left in my To-do list---My Hospital Bag (MUST.start.packing!) . . .oh and finalize our Little Man's name! (Hubby and I are getting there!)  

I have all of these in my list and . . . "more". . . 

Hot Oil Treatment - check

Foot Spa and Pedicure -check, check

My oh so chubby fingers! Haha!

No color for me (for now) . . .just playing around with these nice
summery colors =)   Which color do you like best?

And after a couple of hours of pampering. . . 

In an attempt to hide my oh so chubby self,
I used a small picture, teehee

I'm ready!

And this is how I roll. . . Haha!

Can't wait to meet you Little J!  See you sooonnn  =)

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