Saturday, March 2, 2013

Summer Love

Another Iya story to share =) 

 My younger sister went to Boracay (also called "Bora" by locals, a small island located in the South of the Philippines which is known for its beaches) over the weekend with her friends. 

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Yesterday, Iya thought of calling her Nang-nang (that's what she calls my sister).

Iya: Tata, can I use your phone?

Me: Why?

Iya: Tatawagan ko si Nang-nang, tanong ko sa kanya kung nakakita na siya ng boyfriend sa Bora
      (I'll call Nang-nang to ask her if she already found a boyfriend in Bora) 

So if you're single, Boracay might be a good place to find love, you'll never know!  Haha!

Well, I didn't find love in Boracay, I brought mine =)  

Boracay 2009

Have a nice weekend!  Ready for Summer?!

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