Sunday, March 10, 2013


If there's one word to describe my weekend, I would simply put it as Funtabulous!


My Saturday was about catching up with good friends over lunch and coffee . . . good food, good conversation, good company . . .all these and more definitely makes up a good time. =)   

Thanks K for the photos! =)

Sunday was still about good friends . . . and SURPRISES!  With just one more week to go before I give birth, I didn't expect a baby shower (at all!) from these girls (who are all oh-so busy!).    

The surprise was overwhelming and I am deeply touched by their effort to organize and to make time to give me such a fun and memorable baby shower!  Ladies, you have such generous hearts,  I couldn't thank you enough. =)     

Thanks D and C for the Instagram photos . . . and for getting me hooked on it, haha!

I am still on a high from my weekend to say the least.

Hope you all had a funtabulous weekend just like mine!

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