Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ms. Worry Wart, No more! (Okay, i'm getting there!)

I mentioned in an earlier post  about being a Worry Wart.  We were planning to get a US tourist visa for the Little One but I was getting anxious about it because I was creating so many "what if" scenarios playing in my mind.  (With her father being an immigrant in the US and all . . .okay, I won't bore you anymore with the details, teehee)

Well, just want to share with you the good news. . . .the Little One got her tourist visa! Yayyy!!!  (Thank you Lord for answered prayers!)  

Moral lesson of this story. . .Stop being like me! (Haha!)

and THIS. . . 
I am putting this where I can see it everyday!   

Have a nice day ahead . . .Let's free ourselves from worries!

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