Sunday, May 27, 2012

Siesta Time

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon, it's 2:30 pm, I am lazing around the bed, the TV is on (I can hear the Divine Diva belting out a song). . . but I'm also reading the newspaper and then I suddenly feel my eyes getting heavier, the sound from the TV slowly fading and I know what's next. . . .it's time for my siesta!
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BUT. .. this  was before the Little One came along. . . 

Being a mom means getting some sleep doesn't come in easily (not that I'm complaining).  

This afternoon, I was soooo sleepy that I thought of two options:

First, I bargained with my sister (she helps me with the Little One when she's not working) and asked her to give me just 20 mins of power nap (and she gets an hour) 

OR I give the Little One sleeping meds!  (Just kidding!!!)

But Luck is on my side!  The Little One asked for her bottle and is now fast asleep.

And me. . . well, sleep has escaped me! (Arrgghhh!) 

And that is why you are reading this post. . . .

Now that my sister is awake, let's see if I can do something about my siesta. . . again.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

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