Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekend Food Fix

Something refreshing . . .
Photo Source

This Korean ice cream bar comes in different flavors (Honeydew melon, strawberry, banana and mango) but honestly, I always have the Honeydew melon!  This creamsicle (got this term from Wikipedia) really tastes like the real thing. . . with creamy goodness in a stick!

We discovered it by chance when we were at a Korean grocery store years ago.  I guess it has become popular since than that it is now being distributed in some local supermarkets and S & R Price Club (or just to be sure, head out to a Korean grocer).  If you want a refreshing dessert, I guarantee that you'll love this!

Something comforting (teehee) . . .
Photo Source
My favorite "bag"

Something sweet . . .

I wish I can say that I baked this muffin . . . but I can't!  Haha!  This big (and moist) muffin was store-bought and is good enough for me.  Just in case you want to make some homebaked blueberry muffins, I saw this easy to bake recipe, please click here.

Something savory . . .

If I can't bake. . . well, I think I can probably make these. . . .NEXT TIME!  Haha!

Thank you for families who share their blessings =)

It's going to be a happy (and filling) weekend!  (Yup, weekends are cheat days!)

Food.  Family.  Fun.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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