Friday, July 12, 2013

Revisiting Tokyo Bubble Tea

I've blogged about Tokyo Bubble Tea in an earlier post.   I've mentioned that their menu has a wide range of goodies . . .so my Sister and I thought of going back to the place again so we can explore more of what they offer.

It was another brunch date so just like last time, we didn't order any rice dishes (yep, this is not the last time you'll hear about this place from me, haha!)

We ordered Chicken Lollipop Korokke - Chicken Lollipop and Potato croquette fusion with honey mustard dip (Php 165)

It looks better than it tastes
The last time we went there, we had the Chizu-Maki (a fried appetizer too) . . . and it was my least favorite. Same thing for this visit. . . I didn't like this AT ALL!  They were bland and they were cold inside (I felt they were frozen and were fried rather quickly) . . . I therefore conclude. . .no more fried appetizers next time, haha!

We also ordered the  Nippon Ebi - Panko breaded prawn topped with mango on melted mozzarella cheese (Php 285)

I have to say that I love, love Makis (except for those which have raw stuff in it). . . So yes, I enjoyed this one.  This is good and can be eaten even without dipping it in soy sauce.  But I love my wasabi and pickled ginger, so I always do!  Heehee

We got this Okonomiyaki as a freebie from the BPI promo - it is a batter wrapped around meat and vegetables topped with Japanese mayo, pickled ginger and bonito flakes.  Love this too!  

Okonomiyaki - (Php 215)

And our most favorite among all the things we ordered. . . .the Japanese Caesar Salad!  They call it "Caesar Salad" but they actually use Sesame Dressing for this salad (made up of Romaine lettuce, pan-fried chicken, mango and grapes.)  I love the smoky flavor that comes from the chicken and it goes well with everything else.  I can eat this everyday!  

Japanese Caesar Salad - Php 195

There is really so much to choose from this place. . .that it deserves another visit from us, haha!

But not this weekend. . . as I am headed to a food paradise!

Will be blogging about it sooonnn! =)

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