Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Earliest School Memories are made of these. . . .

I'm sooo glad I enrolled Ate in her Pre-Nursery class.  She is slowly coming out of her shell and is enjoying her class a lot!  She has familiarized herself with the names of her classmates (sometimes, she just suddenly does a roll call at home, haha!).  Her most favorite part is the singing and dancing in school.  She has also become comfortable with the environment that there is no need for me to say with her in school anymore. (So proud of you Ate!  You are truly my little Ms. Independent!)  Seeing her in school brings back fond memories of my own.

I remember attending a Nursery class where the only things I can remember doing were having recess and nap time!  Probably because I was too young to remember . . . or they were just really my most favorite things to do in school perhaps?  Haha!  The one big thing I remember was when L, a girl classmate of mine (oh yes, I still remember her name!) hit me in the stomach (it was a light punch) just when the photographer was about to get our class photo.  Yes, I had proof!  You should see our class photo. . . it was written all over my face!  (Poor me, haha!)  It was the closest thing to bullying which I've experienced in school.

Then I attended Kinder and Prep classes in a Montessori school.  I remember going to Clark Air Base (when the Americans were still occupying it) for a field trip and met "Santa Claus" riding a sleigh.. . . a carabao!  Haha!  I remember doing a Hawaiian and Tahitian dance for a school program, being a Narrator during a Cinderella play, being Mama Mary in a Christmas play, attending Advanced Reading classes in the morning, setting the table for Recess . . . and receiving (for the first time) a flower from a boy (C). . . and three green leaves (??? Haha!) from N. . . I threw the flower in the trash can which made C really mad but I held on to the green leaves because . . . N was actually a nice boy with a beautiful pair of eyes. . . he is cute actually. . . though I'm taller than him, haha!

During our graduation from Pre-School, our Class Adviser, Ms. A, asked me to deliver the graduation speech (which they wrote).  It was not a short speech!  It was pretty long that even my parents asked my teacher if she was sure I can do it. . . And I did!  I think my parents had more butterflies in their stomach than I did!  But I know it was one of their proudest moments too.  

And if there's one song that makes me remember my Pre-School days, it is this Carpenters song.  When I hear it, I still sing along and sway to its music. . . just like how Ms. A taught us.

I am so excited for Ate . . . and for all the good things that are yet to come.

And I hope she remembers the happy (and sometimes, even the not so happy) and funny moments that make going to school exciting and memorable!

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