Wednesday, July 17, 2013

You are Beautiful! =)

I saw this quote in a blog (Fab After Forty) that I was following and got struck by it because it's true. . . and we all know it.

I think it's not that we don't see it.  I think it's hard for us to acknowledge it!  

When I was younger, I didn't know how to take compliments, haha!  Until I learned that the best way was to just say thank you and give them a sincere smile =)

Beauty is not all about our appearance.  There is beauty in all of us!

You are beautiful when you make other people laugh.
Or when they go to you when they need someone to talk to.
You are beautiful when you love unconditionally
And when you are loved by many.
You are beautiful when you are comfortable in your own skin
And when people go to you to find comfort when they are looking for it.
You are beautiful when you know how to appreciate the things that you have in your life.
You are beautiful when you are at peace with yourself.

All of us have our own take on what Beauty is all about.  The most important thing is to let our true beauty shine.

Here's to embracing and celebrating our beautiful selves!

Wishing everyone a beautiful day ahead!!! =)

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