Saturday, July 20, 2013


I went to detox. . .I mean my hair went for detox. . . and I wish I can do the same for my body, hahaha!

I felt that my hair got dry from the shampoo that I've been using so I thought of trying Human Heart Nature's All-Natural Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner (because it has no or at least has significantly less chemical ingredients).  I love that they came in a Mandarin Fresh scent!  (I love citrusy scents in everything. . . including car fresheners, haha!)

If you want a shampoo that has a nice thick and creamy consistency and lathers the hair nicely . . . well, this shampoo is NOT for you, haha!  The consistency of the shampoo is watery and it doesn't lather much.  I had to use a fair bit more just so I can see foam in my hair.  You might be thinking . . .if it doesn't lather much, then it must not be doing its job of cleaning away the oil and dirt from the hair.  And that was my concern the first time I used it.  

But you know, a shampoo that doesn't lather much is actually a good thing because it only means that it doesn't contain chemical surfactants.  (From - Surfactants are the cleansing ingredients in shampoos.  Some common primary detergents used in shampoos are ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl ether sulfate.)  Sulfates are actually the detergents that create the lather.

While the shampoo doesn't lather the way I want it, the conditioner's consistency is good enough for me.  One thing I like about the formulation of these all-natural hair products is it's easier to rinse the hair.   

After drying my hair (using an electric fan), I felt my hair was clean (even without the foam and suds that I'm used to, haha!)  and light.  It also came out soft and manageable too.  These hair products actually exceeded my expectations.  I love, love, love them that I am making the big switch!    

Yes, you can say that I'm one happy (more of delighted!) customer!

To know more about Human Heart Nature and its products, please click on this link.

Disclaimer: Review about the products is based on my personal experience.  Individual results in using these products may vary.  

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